The rise of reverse image search

Considering the rise of different AI services (as evidenced in the image), the methods of image recognition are becoming increasingly accurate each month. Image search websites are in a fierce competition to develop well-trained algorithms.

In this article, we will explore the abilities of, the newest image recognition technology, built upon years of research and rigorous model training.

AI popularity rise

In the search of perfect image lookup engine is the culmination of a lengthy development process that utilized the best available methods. Through time-consuming model training powered by innovative AI technology, the creators relentlessly pursued the perfect image recognition tool. This dedication has resulted in an efficient, user-friendly search tool with exceptional accuracy.

To achieve the best accuracy, prioritized features that directly address user needs Here are the fields lenso focused on:

  • Accuracy: The most important factor of online search. The more accurate the result of the search is, the more users benefit from it. Quick and easy lookup is what we stand for.
  • Additional filters: lenso offers extensive customisation of lookup methods. Users can sort through images by filters, date of publishing and accuracy of results.
  • Ease of Use: lenso prioritizes a user-friendly interface. This is why all of the features are easy to use. No popup windows and no ads, all for customer satisfaction.
  • Privacy: lenso takes care of your privacy. We don’t save any images you upload permanently and we do not use your image to share or target ads.

What unique benefits does lenso offer that other search engines don't?


Tired of cutting unwanted elements out of photos? With lenso, simply upload your image and choose the category you're interested in. This innovative approach lets you find specific parts of an image, not just the whole picture.

Need a stunning landscape shot without the people who were originally there? Select the "Places" category and see beautiful vistas appear.

Here's how it works:

  1. Upload your image.
  2. Choose the category that best describes what you want to find (e.g., Places, People).
  3. Lenso displays relevant results that focus on your chosen category, filtering out unwanted elements.

This makes finding specific details in photos a breeze!

Landmarks lookup (category: Places)

As one of very few picture lookup engines, lenso uses a category focusing on Landmarks. If you don’t know where an image was taken, lenso’s Landmark feature makes it very easy to find different images from the same location.

Face recognition (category: People)*

Lenso uses a powerful algorithm to recognize people with impressive accuracy. This lets you search for your face within images, going beyond generic object searches. Unlike other tools, lenso analyzes unique facial features, so you can find your images even after your appearance changes. And for peace of mind, automatically blocks explicit content, making it a safe option for everyone.

*Available in selected regions

Copyright protection (category: Duplicates)'s built-in AI filter simplifies your search for content protected by copyright. This advanced technology makes tracking down duplicated content a breeze. goes beyond simple image matching. Its advanced technology excels at recognizing even heavily altered images. So, even if someone heavily filters your picture, there's a high chance will still locate it and provide the URL of the infringing image. offers even more advantages for registered users, simplifying copyright protection in the following ways:

  • Multi-image upload: Keep track of your entire portfolio. Upload all the images you want to monitor for potential copyright infringement.
  • Automatic email notifications: Stay on top of things. Whenever finds a match for your uploaded images, you'll receive a prompt notification via email.

With these features, managing your copyrighted works becomes effortless.

Specifying objects within image (category: Related and Similar) allows users to select a specific area of an image with its built-in image cropping and object-detecting feature. The model utilizes a machine learning approach to find objects in images. It's trained to extract features like color, shape, and other visual elements. By analyzing these features, lenso can accurately recognize objects even in complex or altered images.

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Lenso offers countless possibilities for artists, entrepreneurs, researchers, as well as regular people looking for their own or someone else’s work online.

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Kinga Jasinska

Marketing Specialist