What is Reverse Image Search?

Reverse image search is a tool that helps you find similar images online. You upload an image, and it searches the web for matches based on what the image looks like, not keywords. Think of it like a fingerprint scanner for images! It's a handy way to find the source of a picture or discover new things related to an image you have.

1. lenso.ai

Lenso.ai is one of the best image search engines out there. It stands out with its advanced image filters, which allow the users to find the exact picture they are looking for, sorting through many categories.

The website is optimized for image search using mobile devices. You can easily search through many photos using your iPhone or Android Phone!

lenso.ai preview

Here are some of the benefits of lenso.ai:

  • Copyright Protection: Find exact image matches online, even with heavy filters, by choosing the “Duplicates” category. Get email alerts for similar images found later.
  • Object Search: Identify objects within an image by selecting a specific area. Choose the “Related” or “Similar” category for specific results.
  • Landmark Focus: Isolate and identify landmarks or landscapes, ignoring other objects in the image, by choosing the “Places” category.
  • Advanced Face Search: Find specific faces with high accuracy, even across different images, by choosing the “People” category. Safe for all ages with explicit content blocking.

How to use lenso.ai?

  1. Go to lenso.ai,
  2. On the main page, upload an image. Alternatively, you can try it out first using the examples provided below the search bar,
  3. For more precise results, choose the funnel icon to add a text description or specify the URL of the website you’d like to search through,
  4. Select the area or object you want to find using lenso’s built-in tool,
  5. For optimal search results, choose the relevant category (people*, places, duplicates, similar or related). Expanding the category allows you to find even better results!
  6. Select the double arrows icon to choose the filtering type (newest, oldest, best or worst match),
  7. Click on the image that matches your search to be redirected to the website where it appeared,
  8. Enjoy the perfect match!

Tip: We recommend creating an account to use special features, such as email notifications.

*Available in selected regions

lenso.ai tutorial

2. TinEye

Looking for visually similar images? This free search engine is a great alternative to familiar options for finding related pictures. Keep in mind that it doesn't recognize text or faces within images, so for those specific needs you might need a different tool.

TinEye may be a good tool when you are looking for simplicity, however, it does not offer options such as looking for the exact part of the image or choosing categories.

What to use TinEye for:

  • Spot online fakes: Verify images and track their spread to protect yourself from copyright issues
  • Find the perfect shade: MulticolorEngine from TinEyes allows you to tag colors automatically
  • Automate beverage labeling: Effortlessly match labels to products. Great when you are looking for a specific beverage

How to use TinEye on your phone?

  1. Open https://tineye.com on your mobile device.
  2. Click the “Upload” button
  3. Upload images from your gallery
  4. Look for matches

3. Google Lens

When it comes to phone searches, Google Lens is one of the simplest tools to use on Android phones and serves as a good option for less demanding searches. Its vast index contains almost every object you may be looking for, but many users claim its accuracy is not as good as some alternatives.

What can you use Google Lens for?

  • Text recognition: Easy extraction of text from even blurry images.
  • Online shopping: You can look up items using Google Lens and go directly to the shopping website. Convenient for online purchases.
  • Identify objects: You can make a picture in Google and get the result instantly.
  • Built-in translator: Google can translate text in any foreign language with good accuracy.

How to use Google Lens?

  1. On the Android smartphone, open the Google app. You don’t need to download it, it is a default application.
  2. Click on a small camera icon in the search bar.
  3. Upload your image.
  4. Choose the area you want to look up.
  5. Great! Now you can look through all the pictures in Google’s index that match your search.

Those were our top picks when it comes to image recognition on mobile devices. There are also multiple other websites you can visit on mobile and use with ease, it all depends on your specific needs.

You can now try out lenso.ai for free, with no login required - right from your mobile. Visit https://lenso.ai to find out more!


Kinga Jasinska

Marketing Specialist