Looking deeper - how to find very specific searches?

Sometimes one browser engine search is just not going to cut it. Here are the tricks we recommend, when you are out of options, perhaps with a specific image in mind.

Reverse image search with Lenso.ai

Reverse image search is like using a picture as a clue. Instead of typing keywords, you upload an image and the search engine finds similar images online. This is handy for finding the source of an image, identifying objects, or discovering different variations of something you already have.

Lenso.ai is a platform designed specifically for image searches and its accuracy and filters differentiate it from other platforms. Using Lenso may be your answer when you simply can’t find the ideal match, but you have some inspirational images.

Here are some features Lenso offers:

  • Duplicates: Find similar images online, even heavily edited, and get alerts for potential copyright infringement.
  • Related and Similar images: Search for objects within an image by selecting a specific area.
  • Place search: Focuses on landscapes and landmarks, even if obscured by other objects.
  • Advanced People Search: Find specific faces with high accuracy, even across different images (with safe content filtering).*

*Available in selected regions

Not sure about reverse image search? Here’s something you may want to check: The Principles of Reverse Image Search. How it Works & What You Can Do

How to perform a search on Lenso.ai?

Head over to https://lenso.ai/ and upload an image directly on the main page.

  1. Boost your search accuracy: Enhance your results by adding relevant text descriptions and tags to your uploaded image. Lenso.ai even provides sample searches below the upload area to help you get started.
  2. Focus your search: Refine your search by selecting the specific area or object within the image you're interested in.
  3. Categorize for better results: For the most relevant results, choose the category that best describes your image content. You can also sort the results by date or popularity to further narrow down your search.
  4. Find the source: Simply click on any image that matches your search to be redirected to the website where it originally appeared.
What is lenso.ai

Keywords are the key

Keywords are the most important part of search, especially when you base your search only on text, however, you can also use them when you perform a reverse lookup with Lenso, to find even more similar matches.

Here are some tips that will help you make your keywords perfect:

  • Go beyond basic terms - instead of "mountain," use "snow-capped peak sunrise"
  • Synonyms and related terms - Include synonyms and related terms, such as “hiking peak in the mountains”
  • Quotation marks for exact matches - Surround specific phrases with quotation marks ("Austrian" Lakes) for exact wording results

Best places to find images online

Free image databases

There are some amazing, free websites offering a treasure trove of royalty-free images, perfect for personal and commercial use.

Make sure to always check the copyright type before editing the image. You can also look up the pictures with image lookup engines, such as Lenso.ai, in order to check if the image is actually copyright-free, and not stolen.

Museums and archives

Many prestigious institutions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art: metmuseum.org have digitized vast collections. Immerse yourself in historical photographs, artworks, and artifacts, all accessible with a few clicks.

Social media

Platforms like Instagram or Pinterest can be a goldmine for contemporary trends and aesthetics. Use hashtags strategically to discover photos related to your interests.

Copyright - never use images without artist’s approval

Especially when it comes to images that you found on social media, most of those are not copyright-free! Always check first using Lenso.ai’s duplicates category or ask the artists directly.


While the initial search might not always be fruitful, we hope this guide has inspired you to delve deeper. Remember, the perfect picture is often just a few clicks away.

Master the Search: Utilize reverse image search with platforms like Lenso.ai to find similar visuals, even when heavily edited. Craft specific keywords, including synonyms and exact phrases, for a more targeted exploration.

Explore Beyond the Obvious: Venture beyond free image databases - try out the digitized collections of museums and archives. Social media platforms can be a treasure trove for contemporary trends, but remember to respect copyright.

By mastering these techniques, you'll transform from a casual searcher into an online picture detective, uncovering the perfect visuals for any need. Happy hunting!


Kinga Jasinska

Marketing Specialist